Friday, June 19, 2009

Jano and Waldo

Jano and Waldo were two Maltese Poodles who lived with Veronica de Klerk from Cradok in the Eastern Cape.

Received it and it is beautiful!! Can’t stop looking at it!!! They were so lovely and wonderful, and we loved them so much. It will be wonderful to have the drawing hanging in the house. It will feel as if they are around us as usual. Thanks so much for all your trouble, patience and kindness to do the sketch and in such wonderful manner that everybody admires it.

I SO love my job! :)


pencilportraits said...

just beautiful, and white dogs are very very diffiuclt I find, you're doing a grand job

ronnie said...

An awesome job and just as they were! It feels as if you can call Waldo and Jano's names and they will turn their heads in reaction. Thanks for eternalizing our pets memories!

ronnie said...
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