Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Riding a giraffe

I love my horse

Obvious thing to say, I know. 

It was brought on by my 19yr old TB's behaviour this afternoon. 

I teach the neighbour's kid on her pony. She is only four (the pony, not the kid – she's six). Pony poked herself in the hock over Easter and has been on box rest since. Needless to say she's crawling out of her skin. Allowed to be walked in hand, she is developing some nasty habits, like spooking when cars drive past and freaking out at the sight of dead dustbins.

Progress has been slow, but we can ride her now. I say we, but I mean "I." The kid rides, but only at the end of the lunge line,'cause the pony took off with her when she was ridden without it. So, tasked with helping this horse get over herself, I was scared half to death last week when she took off with me. Down the road. Not once, but three times. Basically she is easily scared and lacking in confidence (read: terrified).

So, at my insistence, I saddled up Fly (19yr old TB who hasn't been ridden in, oh, a while), and went off to accompany the pony past the scary stuff down Mustang Road. Being led by her groom helped. I recommended Fly, as he can be the quiet confidence-giving type. 

That said, when I got on he shot out of the gate and Lippizanered down the road while we waited for the pony and groom to appear. He acted out his best giraffe impersonation (so that he could see over the high walls), skidded sideways into the drive, doing his best hand brake turn – the show-off. In between all this, he managed a sideways jig along the manicured verge along the side of the road. This always causes the drivers of expensive cars to widen their eyes and creep past as quickly-slowly as they can. Although all I can see is their white knuckles clutching the steering wheel.

As I said, I love my horse... as soon as that pony walked out onto the road Fly calmed down. Put one foot in front of the other and didn't step out of line for the rest the trip around the block. The pony was calm and I didn't have to worry about the speed at which the scenery or my life was flashing before my eyes.

We delivered the pony safely and as we walked through our gate his head shot up and the Lippi legs came out. I got to duck and dive the low tree branches.

Thoroughbreds! Man, you can't live without 'em. When you do, life is just plain dull.


Anairam said...

Thanks for popping into my blog! Your animal pawtraits (great name, that!) are great.

ruthie said...

Hi Colleen, thank you for your comments on my blog, im glad your inner gypsy is smiling. your work is beautiful, love i love the detail. *ruthie*