Tuesday, January 5, 2010

heads-up and up-dates and inspiration

Off to a running start to 2010... how DID this year get here so quickly? In between getting the third issue of HQ PONY magazine off to the printers, I've been contemplating goals and to do lists for the year ahead.

Being someone who is so easily distracted by bright and shiny things, I tend to wander off course easily. So I've taken Christine Kane's advice and chosen a WORD OF THE YEAR, rather than a list of resolutions. One word to focus on. That should be easier, right? I'm hoping so.

As if to reinforce the idea that I should take notice of this, I came across Jennifer Pratt's post titled: Where are you going this year. I loved the visual she created for herself which linked to her word of the year.

I was hoping to clear my long to-do list before the end of 2009, but that didn't happen. It never does, so I've given up trying to get to the bottom of it, and will just keep drawing. Hopefully at a steady pace with minimal interruptions.

Thanks to Meryl at Neigh-Bours for the heads-up on Mei Prinz's portrait which was won by Cheryl at the Glen Austin Stables show. The antics of Prinz and stable buddy Danzenita make for entertaining reading.

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Life With Dogs said...

That good old to-do list. Mine grows by the day despite my best efforts.

Happy new year and hugs from afar...