Saturday, July 24, 2010

Peeking Pekes

Kai-Kai and SanToi are two of the sweetest dogs. There were all over me from the second I got my foot through the door, even though we'd never met before. KaiKai LOVED having his photo taken. Some dogs are naturally photogenic and they don't have a problem with the camera. Others though, like SanToi, are not fans at all. I guess they're like people and it feels invasive having a camera in your face (note to self: get a longer lens!). There-in lies the skill of the animal photographer. You have to allow the dogs to chill in their own space and allow them to feel comfortable before you can get pics which depict who they really are. That takes time, not something that you can rush through because they pick it up and simply refuse to co-operate.

Can't wait to draw these little imps. Still have to decide on a composition, but I'm thinking they might be happier in their own portrait, both have such strong characters. They'll be on the wall next to their predecessors.

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Abby Creek Art said...

They are adorable! Can't wait to see your drawings of those little boo boos.:)