Friday, October 15, 2010

CH... Ch... changes

I've made few changes to my blog, shuffled things around a bit and I'd love to know what you think.

  • Take a look at the Gallery banners on the left, they'll take you to collections of either horse, cat or dog portraits.
  • I've also added tabs across the top, beneath the main banner.
  • You'll find some photo guidelines. Useful info if you have a pile of pics but you're not sure which ones to choose for a portrait. Some photos do make better pictures. If in doubt though, you could always drop me a line and we can discuss the best ones to use.
  • I've added a 'How to place an order' tab, if I haven't answered any questions you might have, drop me a line and I'll answer you directly.
  • I also have gift vouchers available. These make really useful, versatile gifts. Great for short notice and group gifts, they're easy to order too.
  • Gift vouchers can be personalised, you can print them out yourself or I can post one off to you.

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