Sunday, December 26, 2010

Holiday pet portraits

While 2010 was one of my busiest years EVER, I only had a couple of Christmas commissions. This meant that I wasn't drawing until midnight on the days leading up to the 25th and I must say that I really enjoyed the downtime.

The first commission was for Lisa Bucher, founder of The Animal Race. I'd donated one of my pet portraits as a prize, which Lisa had won in the raffle. She'd coveted a portrait of her own dogs and thought this was her ticket to getting one. In the mean time her step dad had commissioned a portrait of her two delightful dogs – Tallie the Pitt and and Maverick the Dachsie. It was only later that I put two and two together, realising that the photos in my possession were actually of Lisa's dogs! Needless to say, Lisa was really surprised when she opened this on Christmas morning...

She had the nicest things to say:
You naughty, sneaky monkey - just opened my xmas present - it is amazing Coll - you captured Talli's facial expressions SO well, and little Maverick - well, just bless him. You truly are amazing :) Thank you my darling. It's amazing - couldn't be happier :) will be spending my week off trying to find a frame to match it in perfection which will be a hard task. You are SO talented XX
My second challenge was a gift for Heino's wife of herself and her mare Divine Brown, who just happens to be stablemate to my horse Flying Promise. The photo wasn't great quality though...

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