Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eddie & Knut

I'd almost forgotten to post these.

Eddie and Knut's portrait is finished and ready to be sent to Johannesburg via courier. Eddie is known for his eccentric behaviour and is often the topic of conversation around the dinner table. Knut is named after the polar bear who captivated the world. 

Knut the polar bear
This pair traveled to St Kitts with their mom Janet when she spent some time working there. 

I love the idea of sending a portrait off in a mount frame - it looks more finished and professional. I think I'm going to be exploring that option more this year.

Shepherds are one of my favourite breeds to draw, despite the fact they take much longer than almost any other breed of dog. Their coats offer up a challenge of individually coloured hairs that create their unique colouring.

Knut the sweet German Shepherd

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