Sunday, April 1, 2012

Six or Nix

Six Or Nix: Pastels - 41x30cm

I first met Six Or Nix on a Tellington TTouch workshop in 2001. I'll never forget turning around to see him standing on his hindlegs – he was straight up in the air – with fellow TTouch Practitioner Lindy Dekker holding on at the other end of his leadrope!

Six belonged to Megan Jackson, another TTouch Prac. He was one of the early participants to attend our clinics here in South Africa; he was also a talented showjumper.

Drawing portraits of animals that I know have passed on can be tough for me as an artist, animal lover and all round sensitive person (or Highly Sensitive Person). However, when I'm commissioned to do a portrait of an animal I've known who has crossed over, it's a bittersweet experience.

As an animal lover, connecting with animals I meet and get to know is as normal for me as it is to meet a friend and enjoy their company. Each animal has a personality and they leave an impression on me long after we've gone our separate ways. Six was no different. I could feel the bond he shared with his human mom Megan and I knew how important he felt with his small herd of mares. Beneath all of that was the wisdom that he shared with Megan's clients.

As a kid, I'd wished that I could draw really good pictures. When I fell in love with horses, age 10, all I wanted to do was draw them all the time. Those early seeds of what become my passion has become an important part of my life. 

I am deeply honoured and grateful when friends and clients trust me with the memories of the animals who have shared their lives with them. 

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