Sunday, June 3, 2012

Alcapone and Kaylee

Alcapone and Kaylee Pastels  51cm x 41cm 

I really enjoyed doing this portrait of Brenda Marais' Alcapone (on the left) and Kaylee. Their portrait will join her other Rotties on her wall.

Digger, my childhood substitute
Alcapone's photo posed a bit of a challenge. I remember drawing a Schnauzer years ago, but I could see his eyes in the supplied photo. Always tough tackling a portrait where you can't see the subject's focal point. The eyes are the first thing you search for when you see a pet portrait. Since this is a fairly typical pose for Alcapone, I was grateful that his photo was sharp, making it easier to draw from.

The agility element of this portrait was a fun to add. It ties the two dogs together nicely. I wanted to capture the excitement of this little dog, doing what he enjoys. I think I did, in the set of his ears, the tops are tipped back slightly as he sails through the air.

My showjumper Lab

This reminded me of my first dog, a Lab called Digger who I grew up with. I was a horse mad kid, galloping everywhere, even when I wasn't on my pony. Making my dogs jump when I couldn't do so myself was an obvious thing to do. 

This was way back in about 1983, long before dog agility turned into the exciting crowd pleaser it is now. Digger was a fairly enthusiastic,  meaning he's chase the tennis ball and clear a line of jumps if he had to to get it.

I wonder if there were other girls who built obstacles out of garden furniture and expected their dogs to get clear rounds while turning a deaf ear to their parent's complaints about absent wire chairs.

From Brenda and Johan Marais:
Many thanks for my awesome painting of my Furkids. It has been a fantastic journey with you from the time of sending you the pictures to the finished product. I have appreciated that you have included me all the way.

As you know we have been “Rottie” people for many years and about 3 years ago lost our young bitch unexpectedly. We decided as age was becoming a factor that we should get a smaller” easier to handle” dog . What a surprise Alcapone was!!! A bundle of energy from day one, a happy chap who is always willing to learn new things and demands your attention. He has attended Rottie school as well as his new interest in agility. He is known and loved by all. You have really captured his spirit – the jumping painting (after a haircut) was so special. He picks his ears up and zips around the course – pity Mom cant keep up anymore!!

Kaylee is a regal, laid- back girl who would rather view the world then take part in it – her painting is so typical.

Once again you have captured the spirit of my Furkids which will live on through the painting even if they are not with us anymore. The other Rottie paintings of King and Queen, Chester and Cajun remind us every day of the memories that are always so special.

Kind regards
Brenda and Johan Marais

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