Thursday, September 13, 2012

Echo & Winston

Echo & Winston, Pastels - 41x30cm

Echo & Winston, Blockbuster, coloured pencils
I loved these two dog friends. They looked so happy and free in the photos their mom Pietro sent me. Echo was 16 when she left her body earlier this year, she's in the centre of the Blockbuster series.

I still get a warm 'n fuzzy feeling when I look at these pictures, I can see that these special souls  are so loved. 

Dear Colleen. Thank you so very much.  The portraits are so very beautiful and we are so pleased and blessed with it. Have showed it to everybody I know and they are so amazed that you have so much talent!!. It is just amazing. I just love it to bits.

Will have a very special place in my home just like Zues’s portrait.. 

Can’t thank you enough.

You can see close-ups of these portraits on my Facebook page.

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