Thursday, September 13, 2012

Quick catch-up

Shjoe! It's been a while... my poor neglected blog.

I've been busy, moving house, again. From one side of the country and back again. My dogs and I are back in Johannesburg after a two-day trip by car.

I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll start with some pictures of my most recent portraits.

Sasha - Pastels, 41x30cm
It's so seldom that I do cat portraits - I have no idea why - so I was really happy to create a portrait for Colleen Duffy of her cat Sasha. 

It's been ages since I drew from actual, old fashioned photographs. In the years before digital photography became the norm, I'd eagerly await the arrival of an envelope of photos in the post. Nowadays I no longer have to pore over microscopic details on a print, I can just zoom in to have a closer look at an image on my screen. 

Fortunately Sasha's mom had a selection of pics I could use. Some of the others showed the colour of her fur better, so I was able to use all of them, and get an accurate colour Colleen was happy with.

I was really pleased with how her portrait turned out. This is the lovely message I received from Sasha's human:

Guess what I collected at the post office now at lunch time?! :)  I took it home and unwrapped it very carefully ... lots of layers, which made it exciting!  I love your brown paper with the paw prints on! :)  And the portrait is awesome, wonderful ... the photo definitely didn't do it enough justice! :)  Thank you soooo much!! :) Your talent is such a lovely way for us to remember our wonderful animals.

You can see Sasha's portrait and more of my latest work on Facebook.

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Unknown said...

Hi Colleen, I put a message on Facebook but I also wanted to say, here, how much I enjoyed your blog entry about my Sasha. Really lovely, thank you! Hope you're keeping well. Kind regards, Colleen Duffy :)