Thursday, September 13, 2012

SA's most famous horses...

It's without a doubt that Barry Armitage and Joe Dawson have put horses back on the map for South African TV viewers. Their well documented adventures on horseback, have highlighted the love and adoration people have for equines.

I completed a series of portraits of the horses who featured in the first series of The Ride on SABC3. These were auctioned off for charity earlier this year.

Clockwise from top left:

Pat's portait was my favourite to do. I titled it "Gentle Breeze." It was drawn from a beautiful photo, this gentle horse, snoozing, with the wind ruffling his mane. I loved it, it's def one of my favourites.

Jack was by far the most popular horse on the team. Renette Kleinhans was gracious enough to give me permission to use her photo for his portrait where he's wearing Joe's hat at the end of their epic adventure together. Titled: “Jack ‘n Joe’s Hat”

Danny's portrait was titled "Listening". Aren't horse expression interesting? Just one tilted ear tells you Danny can hear something behind him.

Paddy was taking a break and grabbing a few mouthfuls of grass – loved the pose of this portrait too. Titled: “Good grass, this”

Flyer was the only grey on the team. This portrait was done in coloured pencil on black paper. Titled: “Up Close”

You can read more about the horses from The Ride, their riders and their mad-cap adventures here.

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