Thursday, October 18, 2012

Gorgeous Goldens

 MacKaylin and Nuggy
How cute are these faces?

Having drawn pet portraits for the best part of two decades, I've met young animal friends and watched them grow up in their forever homes. I've captured entire fur families and filled walls with successive generations of four legged family members.

Liezel and Rob Mortimer's are one such example. I met Liezel about 10 years ago when she commissioned a portrait of her Golden Retriever called Dylan.

Earlier this year I captured Ripley and little Drew, both of whom I love. I could really feel their personalities from their photos. Ripley's signature crossed-paw pose had to be included and we added Drew in on the side.

Drew and Ripley

Even though I met Ripley years ago, and haven't actually met any of the other furry members of the Mortimer household, I form a connection with these animals. I Learn their stories and follow their lives over the years. Rips and Drew are real heart-dogs – its pure love that I feel coming from them.

What can I say... I love my job!

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