Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Bella and Hacker

Bella and Hacker in pastels
The beautiful Bella and Hacker.

I love Shepherds for their beautiful looks and regal demeanour. I love drawing them too. They make the most gorgeous subjects.

But all that fur! Bella must be a record. Every time I thought I was finished with her portrait, I'd spot an area which needed more work.

I'd love to know how long this took me... a much asked question, and one I always shrug my shoulders to in answer. I've never set a timer. What would be more interesting, I think, is finding out how many pastel strokes made up this portrait, especially Bella's pic.

Anyone know if a device exists that counts each stroke of a pencil? A bit like a stride counter used by athletes... now that would be worth knowing the answer to!

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