Monday, January 21, 2013

December's gifts and surprises

I'd almost forgotten to post these... the commissions which kept me busy 
through a hot December.

Cute Li'l Blockbuster in coloured pencils. Each portrait measures  95x104mm each.

Didi in pastels ~ 41x30cm

Last year on the eve of my 50th Birthday I said goodbye to my precious 14 year old Corgi-X, Didi.

On Christmas Day I received the most special gift, a beautiful portrait of my Didi 
created by Colleen Mulrooney. 
Somehow my grief feels more bearable every time I look at the stunning portrait of my “little girl”.  
Colleen is so talented, she captured the most gorgeous expression on Didi’s face and the sparkle in her eyes. Thank you Colleen.
Michelle Tucker

Inca in pastels ~ 41x30cm

Daisy in pastels ~ 41x30cm

I would like to thank Colleen for bringing our beloved Daisy to life again.
She was a much loved pet and my son misses her greatly but with Colleen's
skill and compassion, I feel that she is with us again. 
Thank you Colleen from that bottom of my heart, you have a unique talent and your understanding of our animal companions shines through.
Erica Robertson

Danté & Katryn in pastels ~ 41x30cm on black paper

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