Monday, January 14, 2013

Drool-worthy stuff for animal lovers

And... welcome to 2013. I thought I'd kick off the year with some goodies on my To Get in 2013 List...

Letting sleeping dogs lie...
I'm dying to get my hands on four of these from Tailor Made Beds. These sturdy dog beds are especially good for oldies as they're raised off the cold floor but they're still low enough to make it easy for your fur-kid to get onto. Not sure how we're going to fit four of them in the house, but I'm sure we'll find a spot for each of them.

T-shirts you'll LOVE
2013's range of The Mountain t-shirts is as stunning as ever. Each year they add new animal artwork to their existing catalogue. This year's additions are Big Face Animals. They have a huge range of Ts animal lovers will drool over, like the horse one over here.
The entire range is available locally through Aquarian Spirit.

Must-read for the month
One of my favourite books of 2012 was A Small Furry Hope by Steven Kotler. 
Mr Kotler doesn't know the first thing about dogs when his friend suggests he gets himself one. He has no idea that the simple act of rescuing a dog will change his life forever.
The author find himself rescuing dogs from death row and giving them a chance to live as  any dog deserves to: with compassion, respect and love.
Kotler explores new research around pet loss and bereavement and how his life changes he's faced with the challenges of living with canines trying to cope with the emotional effects of surviving a shelter existence.

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