Thursday, April 4, 2013

... and then it was April

Wow, time is flying again! Or is that still? Not sure what all is filling my time, but it sure feels like I have less to spend drawing. I have so many art goals for myself for this year. 

I want to introduce a new line of products, I want to paint – in both acrylics and watercolour – and I really, really want to create ready to sell art as opposed to only my commissioned work.

So now it's April and I haven't done any of that, yet. In fact it doesn't look like I've been busy this year at all...

Kea, pastel 41x50cm (16"x19")

I did finish the beautiful Kea's portrait. I included the match box to give you an idea of the actual size of the portrait. The small format of her photo really doesn't do the portrait any justice... her lovely fur and background leaves took hours and many, many layers of pastel. You can see a bigger version of it here (mouse over the photo for the full screen view option).

Zulu and Buttercup, pastels 41x30cm (12"x16")

This pair of beautiful Staffordshire Terriers belong to my friend Karen. It only took me a year to finish their portrait. It really does help having a deadline – I seem to get more done!

Laddie in graphite (41x30cm)
Most recently Laddie's graphite portrait joined my growing collection of dog drawings... You can see a bigger version of his picture here.

I say 'growing collection' when I have no idea just how many portraits I've done over the years, much less how many dog faces I've actually captured - wish I'd thought to keep a more formal record. It hasn't helped that my Mac was stolen a few years back, along with a huge record of my work, mostly high resolution images, none of which were backed up.

Thank heavens for Facebook and my Picasa albums, otherwise they'd all be lost forever.

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