Wednesday, October 16, 2013


This is sweet Gus. 
Much loved Dachsie who lived with Megan from a young age after she found him in a shelter. 

I drew his portrait in graphite years ago.
There he is in the middle, with his distinctive nose swirl.

The reference photo for his portrait was taken on the beach by the amazing and talented photographer Emma O'Brien, who gave us permission to use her photo.

Take a look at her amazing pet photography here and find her on facebook here. She's awesomely inspiring – here's how I know.

I loved this photo the second I saw it on facebook and then it appeared in my inbox and I knew straight away that it was going to make a lovely portrait.

For me, Gus's portrait is one of reflection. If you look closely you can see Emma's reflection in his eyes as she was taking this shot.  
Megan rescued Gus from a shelter, Emma O'Brien is renowned for her charity work with C.L.A.W and the Sandton SPCA... It's like he drew us all full circle; which, in a sense reflects the cycle of life. He seems to be standing there, reflecting on his life. Reflecting his love back to Megan.

This is such a beautiful picture, it captures unspoken words, feelings and the presence of a small dog whose spirit is so much larger than his dog body.

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