Friday, February 7, 2014

Horses and the Field of Gold

79cm x 48cm Pastel

My lovely client wanted some horses for her wall... The brief: 
The horses had to reflect movement, to the left and the composition had to include a couple of Loeries and comply with the Feng Shui principles of the area of the house where it will be hung.

There is a lovely story behind this portrait. My client lives in the original farm house on what was once a small holding in Lonehill. She knew that there were horses who had lived on the property before the area was developed. I tuned in to the energy and connected to a mare who had a foal who lived there, along with a couple of other horses. I saw them standing under a tree in the late afternoon, highveld sun. 

Loeries are frequent visitors to her garden, so we included them too. We chose sunset colours, the typical veld grass as well as the trees from her property, which may have been the very same trees those horses stood and snoozed under when they lived here.

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