Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Festive Pet Portraits of your Companion Animimals

 A dear friend asked me to create some portraits for her.

Sadly, Liquorice and Ginger died under tragic circumstances. Followed a week later by sweet Caramel.

Anita wanted a keepsake, something to remind her of them. 

She’s a big fan of Christmas and has a beautiful tree which is decorated with ornaments, collected during her travels. Each one has a story which she tells with a smile when she remembers the day she bought it.

She added the three glass balls with the portraits of her dogs and cat to her tree.

Every year now, when she unwraps her Christmas ornaments, she’ll remember 
Liquorice, Ginger and Caramel.

My intuitive art process

Part of my work as an Animal Empath and Intuitive Artist is creating a bridge between animal lovers and their animal companions. 

When I create something for you, it comes from a place inside of me that wants to offer you happiness and sunshine and love-infused memories.

My intention is to always create something beautiful to look at. I love seeing the sense of wonder on your face as you recognise your animal friend looking back at you. 

This is what I feel when I’m making animal art – a sense of wonder. Astonishment, sometimes, because I still can’t quite believe that the portraits I draw and paint actually come FROM me!

My gift to you – this tangible talisman – is yours to keep, to be reminded of the deep connection you still share with your animal companion, even if they’re in spirit.

Caramel 150mm x 120mm ~ Coloured pencil
Ginger 150mm x 120mm ~ Coloured pencil

Liquorice 150mm x 120mm ~ Coloured pencil

How did I make a series of Christmas baubles?

I started the process with a portrait of each of the animals in coloured pencil. Anita specifically wanted portraits of them, however, clear photos could work well too.

Once completed these were scanned and printed to fit the glass balls which were about 120mm in diameter. Using a decoupage technique I learned from my mom, I glued them on the glass and let them dry. 

~ Christmas glass bauble ~ Ginger
~ Christmas glass bauble ~ Liquorice
~ Christmas glass bauble ~ Caramel
I added the finishing touches with glitter pens and paint with a pearl sheen.

#ColleenMulrooneysPetPawtraits ~ Christmas glass bauble #pet #portrait #colored #Pencil
Christmas glass baubles and the pet portraits they were crafted from.

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