Sunday, August 2, 2015

The "In-between-girls" #1

Opening to Intuition – Mixed media
I've always loved symbolism... finding and seeing hidden meanings beyond what looks ordinary.

I didn't start this piece with any particular idea in mind. The title only became apparent once I'd finished it.

I started off with some collaged images: The girl, the antelope head and a stormy sea crashing onto the English coastline. 

I've noticed some new patterns creeping into my work: spirals and circles; along with my ever present flying birds, which I remember drawing when I was little.

I love including landscapes; and playing with how light can influence the environment of the two dimensional surface in front of me.

Here, the sea washes up on the shore. Pulling at the stoney labyrinth... exposing it's deep, ancient meanings.

The scene is illuminated by the inner eye of knowing. The third eye.

Opening to wisdom. 

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