Great photos make great portraits! Stick to these simple guidelines when supplying photos for your pet portrait:
  1. Photos should be clear and in focus.
  2. The subject detail should be sharp.
  3. Try to photograph animals outdoors in natural light in their familiar environment.
  4. Depending on the size of your animal friend, you might need to get on your tummy to take the pic! Seriously, photos taken at eye level of the animal work best. The end result means the subject is looking directly at the viewer.
  5. Feel free to send digital images, but make sure that they are of a high resolution. Cell phone photos are not good enough. In order to ensure that the detail is crisp, I print out the image and draw from that. Blurred and low resolution images distort important details which enhance the final product.
  6. You are welcome to supply me with as many photos as you think necessary. Identify the photograph(s) that you would like me to use for the final picture as well as the ones that best match the colour of the animal.
  7. Try not to shoot with a flash. This causes inaccurate colour matches and harsh shadows.
  8. For head studies please try to include the animals' head and shoulders.
  9. All supplied photographs will be returned with the finished portrait.